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Do business, run for government position, become a journalist, fight for your country and more. Earn virtual money and gold - convert gold into Euro and withdraw real cash. Learn More »

Golden Towns - A Free Browser Farm Game

Develop your town, upgrade your buildings & roads, create production buildings, manage farms, mine gold. Gold can be converted into Golden Town Euros and can be withdrawn as Bitcoins or real Euro cash. Learn More »

Goal Tycoon - A Football Strategy Game

Manage your own football team, managers and facilities. Compete in local, national and international football games. Earn virtual cash and gold. Withdraw real Euro cash. Learn More »

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12 Online Games Where You Can Get Paid to Play


Getting paid to play online games is probably the most fun and easiest ways to earn online.  But just like in other online income opportunity programs, your earnings will depend on the time, money and effort that you put into it.

When I’ve heard that one can really get paid to play online games (MMORPG), I began to search the internet.  I found some, registered on a few of the game sites (about 5) and played for a few months.

By the way, I’m not talking about MMORPGs where you have to sell your account (or in game items) just to earn.  I’m talking about games where you can earn virtual money, gems or gold while playing the game, convert these into real cash and withdraw via online payment processors (like Paypal).

So after months of playing (and continued search), I’ve come up with a list >> A list of dozen online games that promise earnings to its members/players.  Some I found myself and some were recommended by other players that I’ve met in the games sites that I’ve joined (All sites are free to join and I believe all games below also offer a referral or affiliate program):

12 Online Games
Where You can Get Paid to Play



1. MARKET GLORY (MG) – is an economic, political, social and military simulator where you can convert your virtual currency into real Euro money and can be withdrawn via Paypal. You are eligible to withdraw your money once you have 20 Euro in earnings.

Each player has the opportunity to work, set up companies, run for a position in the government, recruit new members, gain military ranks, etc.. Your earnings here will depend on how well you play the game. MarketGlory was launched in 2011 and has maintained its good paying record ever since.

Market Glory is one of the games that I actually played and still playing up to now.  I find it fun and worthwhile to play unlike other games where earnings is so slow and game features not so interesting. If you like browser games that involve business strategies where you can earn, then this is the one for you.

Note: Will post more about Market Glory soon. ^_^

Visit Market Glory Website Here
Click Here to Learn How to Start Playing Market Glory



2. GOLDEN TOWNS (GT) – is a fun game where you can develop your own town – just like in Farmville.  Construct and/or upgrade roads/buildings and mine virtual gold. Gold earned can be exchanged for real Euro cash and withdrawn via Paypal.

One (1) virtual gold is currently worth 3.50 Euro (1 GT gold is now equivalent to 2 Euros).  But I’ve been playing the game for several months now and I think with the right strategy and some investment you can really earn a lot from this game (i.e. with really big investment though).

Gold can be sold and bought thru authorized exchangers.   Current exchange rate of 1 gold is 3.5 Euro if you’ll sell it and 5.5 Euro if you’ll buy it around 2 Euro.  The rate is changing daily and depends on the gold buying & selling activities of the players.

Goldentowns game is brought to you by Anno1777 Labs – a trusted game development company since 2010.  It’s also one of the games that I’m still playing right now.  I just love the graphics (it’s part browser game and part flash) what I don’t like about it right now are the game “bugs”  that sometimes  make some of the game features stuck.

You see GT is still in the beta testing mode and players do encounter game bugs now and then.  But GT do have a forum where players can report these bugs and moderators can help players with their game concerns.

I’ve actually made a Euro withdrawal from GT (13 Euros) just a few weeks after I started playing.  Although it was not for mining gold but for selling active referrals for gold.  At first, I want to use the gold to develop faster in the game but instead I withdrawn it to test if I can really withdraw it. ^_^  (See my Paypal payment proof section/post).

I think you will find this game interesting if you also like Facebook’s Farmville and Farm Frenzy.  Goldentowns also have a Facebook game version but you cannot cashout your gold with the FB version.

Note:  Will post more about Golden Towns soon. ^_^

Visit Market Glory Website Here
Click Here to Learn How to Start Playing Golden Towns



3. GOAL TYCOON – Goal Tycoon is a new online game from the creators of Market Glory or MG.  As an MG player, you will automatically have a Goal Tycoon account (no need to register).  There’s a link from Market Glory to Goal Tycoon and vice versa.

This game is basically about managing your own football team as well as all the facilities/buildings/operations  related to the game like the stadium, hotel, training field, parking area, restaurant, etc.

Obviously the game is more fun to play for those interested and can understand the basics of football as you’ll be needing to arrange lineups and plan game tactics (stuff that I’m actually clueless).

And just like in MG, all the virtual income that you earn can be converted into real cash and withdrawn via Paypal.

Goal Tycoon was launched last February 15, 2014 and recently the site’s admin also published their game documentation.  So if  you want to know more about this game, their documentation is now online and you can view it here.

Since it’s a new game, not much information or tutorials found online and you have to rely on the game site’s documentation page, chat and forum to learn more.

Visit Goal Tycoon Website Here



4. DUNGEONS & TREASURES (DT) – An adventure game where you fight monsters and medieval soldiers. You earn by collecting gold and other items in the game.

The gold you collected will be converted to DT dollars at the end of each month. When you reach a minimum of 5 DT Dollars you can request payment in real Euro via Paypal (DT$1 = €0.70). The game also offers a referral program where you can earn bonuses from your referred members’ activities.

Personally, I find the game very time-consuming, earning is also slow and not for those who want to earn serious money quickly.

Still, the site seems to be paying its members as several recent payments proofs have been posted by its players/members online.

Visit Dungeons & Treasures Website Here



5. MY LANDS (ML) – A fun browser game very much similar to Travian – where you build and upgrade buildings in your village, build your troops, rob other villages, etc…

So far, this is the only get-paid-to-play game I’ve encountered that requires members to invest in order to receive payout.  Still, if you find the game interesting and only want to play then you can do so without any investment needed.

The site claimed to have been the best game in 2010 & 2011. Though I’m not sure where it stands now.   Also, said to be the first on-line strategy game with money withdrawal.

But then again, here at ML you can only request cash out if you’re a premium member. Premium members pay a monthly subscription fee of around $10.00 a month.  Payment transaction can be made via Paypal.

Because I used to play Travian with my son, I did try playing ML for a couple of months as a premium member.  Though the graphics are very cute for me (as I love medieval themes), I find the game more complicated than Travian so I finally stopped playing it totally.

Still it’s a nice strategy game worth checking out if you just want to play it.  But if you’re playing for money, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Visit My Lands Website Here



6. EREPUBLIK -  An online  game site that works like Market Glory.  I’ve tried the game for about a month.

Great at first but will eventually require you to purchase energy packs in order to fully enjoy the game  OR just stop playing the game temporarily and continue the next day so you can recover the needed energy.

No payment proofs found online and no clear earning system or process found on the game site.  But they do have an active forum where you can report any concerns regarding the game and likewise meet other players.

Visit Erepublik Website Here


virtconomics beta version

7. VIRTCONOMICS – Also a new game and with almost the same game features like those found in Erepublik and Market Glory.

Just like Erepublik – no payment proofs found online but the site is posting automatically recent payments to players amounting to 20 Euro and up.

In order to encourage sign-ups or new players, Virtconomics is offering a $25.00 subscription bonus to newly registered players to help them enjoy the full benefits of the game during initial playing time.

Visit Virtconomics Website Here



8. ANNO1777 -  A browser online game set in the 17th century. The game is an economical, political, and military simulator.

Virtual money can be exchanged into real money and can be withdrawn via Paypal. The company that developed this game is also the one who created GoldenTowns.

Anno1777 has been online since 2010 (or earlier) and with good paying/earning track record.  Although a good online game to earn from, the site only accepts players from selected countries.

Claimed to have paid over 300,000 Euro to its members and recent payments to members were likewise posted at the site amounting to 50 Euro and up.  Several payment proofs has been found posted online.

Visit Anno1777 Website Here



9. PRO-ECONOMICA – Again an economic business strategy game just like Market Glory but without the military aspect.

I’ve also played this game for around 3 months.  Basically, you go to work, open up businesses, and do other site activities to earn dollars and gold.

Those who enjoy virtual business games will also enjoy this game.  However, the site is not very clear as to how you can convert dollar and gold earnings into actual Euro earnings that you can withdraw.

The only thing clear is the few Euro cents you earn when you refer new members that will reach a certain game level. Still a good game to play for business-minded individuals if you’re not playing to earn.

You can cashout via Paypal when you have 10 Euro in earnings though no payment proofs were found online.

 Visit Pro-Economica Website Here



10. GOLDEN BATTLES – Golden Battles is an economy and war simulator game.

This is yet another game very much similar to Market Glory except here – you also get to battle with aliens and not just other players.

A relatively new get-paid-to-play game but with lots of potential.  As of this writing, the site already have over 15,000 registered players and growing.

The site offers a free ebook guide to help members fully understand the game.  Also offers an online forum where members can post their game concerns.

And although I wasn’t able to find payment proofs online, the site is automatically posting recent payments to its players amounting from 20.00 to 70.00 plus Euro.

 Visit Golden Battles Website Here



11. CANNON WAR – According to their website, Cannon-war is a free browser game where you earn money for playing.

And below are some of the ways you can earn money from this online game (Minimum payout €10 via Paypal, Payza, Okpay, Egopay, RP points):

  • €0.20 referral bonus* + 10% from purchases + 10% from contest winnings;
  • Earn random money prizes while playing;
  • Weekly and Monthly real money contests for free and upgraded members;
  • Weekly and monthly contests for upgraded members.
  • €200 Referral contest running; and
  • €0.05 direct and €0.15 when the referral is approved as a real active member.

Personally, I did not bother to try the game because I don’t find the game site interesting.  The FAQ/Help page is missing and no online forum to check on its players’ activities.

Likewise no payment proof were found online. But maybe because the site is quite new.

 Visit Cannon War Website Here



12. EXODUS 3000 – Launched in 2006, Exodus3000 is a game about life and survival in the future.

The site claims to have been paying its players since it started in 2006 and several payment proofs have been found online but not recently dated.

Not much information was found online about this game but it seems to be active as the game site’s online forum displays recent posts from active members and from the site owner/game creator himself.

I’m not sure about the earning and payment process of the game site.  I did not tried the game because I’m not interested with the concept which is a bit similar to Dungeons and Treasures.

Exodus 3000 is offering 5,000 Mars Dollars (MD) sign-up bonus.  MDs can be used to purchase upgrades and other fun things in the game. 

The site also claimed to have paid over $65,000.00 since 2006 and seem to have a quite number of loyal and active players.

Visit Exodus 3000 Website Here

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