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Share Your Game Knowledge – Earn Extra


!!! UPDATES >> After several years, Postloop decided to end its earning program effective November 1, 2016.  If you are looking for ways to earn for your online content, you might want to check out their newly-launched site here.



Do you like talking about games, game gadgets and all the stuff related to gaming?  Why not get paid to do it?


There are online forums (mostly new ones) that will pay you to share your game-related experiences and knowledge.  You can get paid to:

  • Share your opinions;
  • Create new topics; and/or
  • Comment on existing forum or even blog topics.

Plus >> You can also promote your game referral links via your “forum signature” to gain referrals.  So it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. ^_^

You can earn between $0.05 to $0.10 (and up) per short post or comments in these forums and cash out your earnings via Paypal.

Site Where You Can Get Paid to Post

Get Paid to Post in Forums

Postloop is actually a post exchange website/platform for forum owners.  The site also implements a point/credit system where a member (forum poster or content writer) earn credit points for posting in forums and even blogs.

Postloop works like this…

If you’re a forum owner, you register your forum, buy credits/points and wait for forum posters to register in your forum.  You lose a credit/point when a Postloop forum poster creates a post in your forum.

As the forum poster, you earn credits/points each time you create a post in forums registered in Postloop.  You can convert this points to US Dollars and withdraw via Paypal.

You don’t need to have a forum or blog to join postloop as a forum poster (a.k.a. content writer).  If you want to earn from forum posting alone, you can do so by applying as a content writer.

Note: Not all applicants are accepted at postloop – you need to have decent English skills (good grammar and all) otherwise they will reject your application.

As an applicant, you are required to create 10 sample posts at the Postloop portal forum and from these 10 sample posts, the admin will determine if you’re a right fit to become a Postloop forum poster.

Tips to Get Accepted:   Check out posts of other posters at the Postloop portal forum to see what kind of post that gets approved.  Posts of rejected applicants are deleted so most likely, you will only see approved posts. To be sure – check posts that were made over a month ago.

After being accepted, you will be given a post rating based on your sample posts and this rating will determine your actual pay per post.   Each post is equal to $0.05 up to $.0.10 (equivalent to 1-2 points).

You can request for a cash out as soon as you’ve earned 100 points (equivalent to $5.00).  Payment is sent via Paypal within 48 hours.

List of Game Forums/Blogs at Postloop
Where You Can Get Paid to Post:

  • (blog)

Again, aside from earning for your forum posts, you can also invite other players to become your game referrals – thru your forum signature. ^_^

Visit Postloop Website Here

That’s it!  Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day!  ^_^


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