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How to Start a Newspaper / Magazine Business in Market Glory

Ready to operate your next business in Market Glory? If so, let’s start setting-up your newspaper/magazine business.

Starting a Newspaper Company
in Market Glory


  • What you will need : 3 gold
  • Registration Fee: Free
  • License Duration: 3 months
  • License Renewal Fee: 1 Euro
  • Optional Business Includes: None

Important:  You must have enough gold before you register to start your operations immediately.  Because the license duration will start as soon as you register regardless whether you operate or not.

Here are the initial steps to do
to set-up your newspaper business:

Step #1.

Register your new business by placing your cursor over the “Companies” logo and click on “New Company


Choose “Magazine” on the list by clicking on the “Register” button on the right side.


Fill-up the registration form with your preferred company name, include a company description.  Select the country where you want to open up your business, select/upload a company image (optional), then click on the orange “Register” button.


That’s it, you just registered your new business.  

Step #2.

Transfer gold to your newspaper company.  Click on the “Companies” icon again and this time click on “My Companies“.  Click the brown “Manage” button, several icons will appear – click on the “Finances” icon.


Fund your business by doing the following steps.

  • Type “3″ inside the box and click on the orange “Invest” button.  (Your 3 gold will become 2 plus gold because of taxes).
  • Now you need to exchange your gold into local currency where your company is located because you can only pay wages using local currency. Sell your gold by typing “2″ inside the box beside the “Sell Gold” button then click on “Sell Gold”.

That’s it! Now you have money to pay for wages and for buying raw materials.  Next step is to buy raw materials and set-up your workplace.

Step #3.

Buy raw materials.  Click on the “Inventory” icon.  You will see that you need Paper – click on the “Buy” button (10 mp of paper can produce 100 units of newspaper).


Note: If your company is located in your country then you have the option to buy from both the local (using local currency) and global market (using gold).  But if your company is located in another country then you can only buy from the global market using gold.

Step #4.

Set-up your workplace so you can get workers to produce units of newspapers.  To do this, click on the “Workplaces” icon


After clicking on the “Activate” button – your job requirement will now be placed on queue.  Do other activities in Market Glory while you wait for a worker to work in your company.

Check your company from time to time to see if you have newspaper stock in your inventory.  If you have – it means that somebody have already worked for you.

Step #5.

Set your selling price (under Inventory).


Last step is to write an article for your newspaper. 

Note: You cannot sell even if you have stocks – you need to create articles and publish it.

Step #6.

Write and publish your first article.  To do this- click on the “Special Products” icon and do the following steps below:


  1. Click on the “New Article” tab.  You will be prompted to set your newspaper name and your motto – you will do this only once.
  2. Write your article.  Your article must contain at least 2000 characters otherwise you will not be allowed to published it.
  3. Save your article.    Your article will be saved, but it will not be published. You must publish it. If you already publish an article today, the current article will not be on the market. You will have to wait a new day to republish it, but the republish date will be the same date of the first publishing.
  4. Publish your article.  Check the box “Publish on International Publishing” if you want your articles available on the international market.  Click on the “Publish” button.

That’s it! Your newspaper is now out in the market! ^_^

Your published article will only be available on the market for one day. You have to create new article everyday or at least modify one of your existing articles so you can sell your paper daily.

It’s also important to encourage your buyers to vote for your newspaper article.  Your newspaper will stay on top of the list if you have lots of votes.

Note:  I am also sharing this “How to” guide thru my articles via my newspaper company in Market Glory (sold in international market).  If  you have concerns regarding this topic, feel free to message me at Market Glory – my username is “Nikolaii”.

Happy Gaming! ^_^

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