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About Market Glory’s Free Affiliate Program

This post will show you how to participate in Market Glory’s free affiliate/referral program so you can earn more money, gold, euro, and experience points bonuses.




You can earn bonuses if you have active referrals in Market Glory.
You can earn money, gold, euro and experience points from your referrals’ activities.  >> Read on to learn more…

How does the affiliate or referral program of Market Glory works?

It’s simple, invite your family, relatives and friends to play Market Glory – make sure that they will clicked on your referral link when they registered an account in Market Glory.

Where can I find my referral link?

Go to your MG home page by clicking on the “Home” icon (just in case you’re in other MG places ^_^).On your home page, you will see your referral link somewhere in the middle of your screen just like in the image below but of course your referral link will show your own username at the end.
Copy your referral link and paste it in your email message, in your FB message, in your tweets, etc. and send it to your friend that you wish to invite.  Of course you have to tell something about the game too to get his/her interest.

How and What can I earn from my referrals?


>>1. You can earn 10% daily of what your referral earns >> from his/her fight bonuses, wage, and even his/her referral bonuses.

You will receive the amount in the currency of your referral.  So if you’re in USA and your referral is in Canada – you’ll receive your bonus in Canadian dollars.  You can monitor all your earnings by clicking on the ” ASSETS” link found on the left side of your screen (Under “INVENTORY”).

>>2. You can earn gold bonuses daily (amount is set by your government). The gold bonus you receive is also dependent on the level of your referral (he/she must have more than 1energy).

>>3. You can earn experience points daily – depending on the number of your active referrals.  Experience points will increase your productivity.  Higher productivity means higher wages when you go to work.  Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy the 100 points Experience booster pack worth 20 Euro as you can still earn it thru your active referrals – slowly but surely.

  • You get 0.7 experience points if you have zero active referral;
  • 1 experience points for 1 active referral;
  • 1.5 experience points for 2 active referrals;
  • 2 experience points for 3 active referrals;
  • 2.5 experience points for 4 active referrals; and
  • 3 experience points for 5 or more active referrals;


>>4.  You can put your referrals up for auction to earn gold. 


You can sell your referrals at the auction market only if he or she has been active in the past 30 days.

When you register a referral for auction, you will pay a registration tax of 25% out of the starting price, to the Partners’ Fund. The initial term of an auction can be set between 1 and 7 days. During the auction, if a user bids in the last 3 minutes before the auction ends, the term of the auction will be prolonged with another 3 minutes.

and lastly >> 5.  You can earn Euro  gold monthly from the affiliate contest. 


You will receive 0.1 Affiliates points per day for 30 days (or a month from your referrals registration day).  But only if your new referral is active and give at least 5 fights a day in his/her first 30 days.

The Affiliates Fund is distributed every 20th of each month, and you will receive a bonus in Euro gold for the integer points you have obtained during that month.

You can only earn from active referrals.  So guide your referrals to encourage them to keep on playing.  Explain how the game works and how they can benefit from playing the game.

That’s it about MG’s affiliate marketing.

Note:  I am also sharing this “How to” guide thru my articles via my newspaper company in Market Glory (sold in international market).  If  you have concerns regarding this topic, feel free to message me at Market Glory – my username is “Nikolaii”.


Happy Gaming! ^_^

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