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How to Start a Cow Farm Business in Market Glory

Have you earned 3 gold already?  If so, let’s start setting up your first company – Cow Farm Business.

(Note: Learn how to exchange your local MG currency to gold here.)

Starting a Cow Farm Company
in Market Glory


  • What you will need : 3 gold
  • Registration Fee: Free
  • License Duration: 3 months
  • License Renewal Fee: 5 Euro
  • Optional Business Includes: Fertilizer (License Fee : 5 Euro)

Important:  You must have enough gold before you register to start your operations immediately.  Because the license duration will start as soon as you register regardless whether you operate or not.

Here are the initial steps to do
to set-up your cow farm business:


Congratulations! You just registered your cow farm business!

Now here are the steps
in managing your cow farm business:



Next, check your “Inventory” from time to time to see if you now have raw milk to sell on the market.  If you have then it’s time to sell your product and make some money!


Note:  I am also sharing this “How to” guide thru my articles via my newspaper company in Market Glory (sold in international market).  If  you have concerns regarding this topic, feel free to message me at Market Glory – my username is “Nikolaii”.

Happy Gaming! ^_^

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