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How to Get Real Game Testing Jobs


I have seen online banner ads of game testing job openings before but I don’t trust any of those ads since applicants have to pay certain fees first before they can do the job and it’s kind of suspicious don’t you think?

Jobs should pay you and not the other way around.   So are there any real jobs open to game testers?

Common sense dictates that game developers, before publishing/promoting their games,  need to test for game bugs and other errors.   And I don’t think that they can just rely on their existing staff to accomplish the tests especially if they are testing MMORPGs (or Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) or other games that require an environment or a tester outside of their game “labs”.

So I do believe that  there are legit game testing jobs available – you just have to know where to look.

But first how much does a game tester earn?  And what are the requirements an individual should have to qualify as a game tester? After all, this is a serious career in a multi-billion dollar industry, so expect nothing less from game developers.

Well, based on my research, here are the average possible earnings:

Full Time Basis: Around $4,000 per year;
Per Hour/Part-Time Basis: Around $5.00 – $20 per hour;  and
Per Project Basis: Around $50 to $200 per project.

And here are the basic qualities a game tester should have:

  • A relatively good knowledge about computers and software;
  • A good communicator – oral and written, as he/she is expected to create reports after game testing;
  • With a good eye for detail, knows how to spot possible game bugs/errors.
  • Must have played a lot of video games before, preferably in all popular game platforms (example: Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360);
  • Must know how to have fun.  After all gaming is also part of the entertainment industry so you must know how to assess the entertainment value of the game;  and lastly,
  • Other specific requirements that may be required by the game development company.

Where to find game testing jobs

I’ve searched information about game testing jobs – all sort of testing jobs such as mobile games, video games, Facebook games, Android games, etc. and found the following information below.

1. Freelance Jobs Sites:

You can find real game testing jobs at popular freelance job sites like and   Below is a screenshot of game testing jobs available at at the time of this writing.

(click to view larger image)


Most of the time game testing jobs can be found under the “Software / QA” category at and “Software Testing” category at

And if you’re going to look using the search box at these freelance job sites, you can use and type in the following keywords below:

  • Game Testing
  • Software testing
  • QA software testing
  • Facebook Api
  • Mobile game testing
  • Functional testing

2. Forums for Gamers & Game Developers

Some game developers usually searched for potential game testers among their peers and in online places where gamers “hang-out” >>  the gamers’ forums such as the ones below:

Some game testers claimed that they did find part-time game testing gigs in popular game forums although they mentioned that such jobs are not that frequent to come by.

3. Websites of Game Development Companies

That’s it!  Online places where you can find game testing jobs.

Remember,  the gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and testing games is a very serious job.  So don’t expect a job that will just pay you to play as there is more to it than meets the eye. =)

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