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Goal Tycoon - A Football Strategy Game

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About Me and BrainyGames.Info

NewbieHi, I’m Eppie (Piaps to my online friends).  ^_^

Online – I’m a freelance web project manager, internet marketer, web developer & publisher, online forum administrator, aspiring writer, random blogger, a forum hopper, site program tester, a freebie hunter, an online jobs advocate-mentor-volunteer, founder of and lastly, I’m an old newbie online gamer.  =)

Offline – I’m a mom of three teenagers.  My eldest – a techie gamer son who’s also a pianist/guitarist. My second child, a slightly geeky/nerdy daughter who loves math, enjoys reading articles and watching videos on her tablet.  And my third & youngest child – another daughter, who’s into a lot of stuff that’s strictly not related to school work or house chores, loves to eat sweets and extremely enjoys Korean pop.  I have a wonderful techie husband who is also my go-to-guy for my PC/software issues.  I jog/run for exercise, enjoys listening to almost all kinds of music and likes reading books/e-books.

My First Online Game Experience – My first experience with online games started several years ago.  I played this Travian game with my son.  I just tried it for a couple of months and had a lot of fun.  For a work at home mom, playing online games is just a waste of time so I stopped playing after the game server was reset.  But even back then I was thinking that If only I could earn while playing games then I won’t feel guilty spending time on the internet playing games. :(

Finding Online Games That Pay – My inspiration to find paying online games came from my son, who, a few years ago, became addicted to this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) on Facebook called Pacifica.  As a mom, I’m not liking it one bit but still allowed him to play since it was school vacation season.  It was also during that time that I began on a mission to find online games where my son can join for free and get paid for playing.  I thought about websites that pay its members to view ads, answer surveys, etc.,  so just maybe, there are sites too that will pay its members to play.  And to my surprise – I discovered a LOT of it. :)

About This Blog – Eventually, I end up playing the games that I’ve recommended to my son.  :) This blog is about those games and my journey to find more free but worthwhile online games where one can earn real cash.  Preferably MMORPG and/or fun short games (excluding gambling games/sites).  Other game-related income opportunities found on the web will also be featured on this blog.

Feel free to explore the site to learn more about the different games and game-related income opportunities online and/or subscribe below to receive the latest post in your inbox.

For any concerns, comments or suggestions regarding this website or its content – kindly course it thru this email address :

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

Eppie ^_^
(My Online Portfolio)

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