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Arena Fighting Basics in Market Glory

Fighting in the arena is the best way to earn in MG because you will receive bonuses in Euro! (not in local currency or in gold). Find out more about arena fighting in this post.




All the Market Glory citizens who have at least 5 points of Energy and at least an Attack and a Defense Weapon can participate.

NOTE: In order to receive the bonus (once a day) at the end of the day (12.00 +2GMT) you need to have at least one weapon of attack, one of defense and 5 points of energy.


The weapons are consumed automatically, for each battle you take part in, no matter if it is a fight in the Arena or a fight for referrals, and no matter if you attack or you are attacked. There are two types of weapons…

>> ATTACK WEAPONS – Knife, grenade, pistol, rifle, machine gun, and bazooka.
>> DEFENSE WEAPONS  – Helmet, protective gloves, boots, glasses, Bulletproof vest and shield

Each weapon can last from 5 to 25 fights (whether you attack or defend) depending on the quality:

>> LOW Quality (LQ) – Can last up to 5 fights.
>> NORMAL Quality  (NQ)- Can last up to 15 fights.
>> HIGH Quality (HQ)- Can last up to 25 fights.

The amount of attack and defend points of a weapon also depend on its quality:
>> LQ Attack Weapons  – (Attack/Damage 50 / Defense 20)          >> LQ Defense Weapons – (Attack/Damage 20 / Defense 50)
>> NQ Attack Weapons – (Attack/Damage 150 / Defense 60)        >> NQ Defense Weapons – (Attack/Damage 60 / Defense 150)
>> HQ Attack Weapons – (Attack/Damage 250 / Defense 100)      >> HQ Defense Weapons – (Attack/Damage 100 / Defense 250)


You can earn points for attacking and defeating an opponent. Every point you earn will bring you to a bonus level. The higher the points that you earn will bring you closer to another higher level. The higher the level – the higher your bonus will be.

To see the players that you can fight with – log in to your MG account and visit the link below:

It will also show the details of your stats – attack/defense/bonus/arena points/next rank/etc.

You have the option to “Search” for an ideal player to fight with, based on the country, rank or fighter name.  Since you’re just beginning – you can only fight with low ranking fighters (or the Novice).

There is a “Preview” button for each player, click it and you will see your stats as compared to the stats of that player.  This will help you decide if you have a chance on winning a certain fight with a certain player.


Visit the link below to see the details of each rank:
On this page, you will see many boxes and each box shows the different ranks (ex. Novice 1, Novice 2, etc..) together with the corresponding bonuses. Place your mouse on a certain rank and it will show you details of…

    Necessary points you need to earn that rank.
  • The number of points that you will get if you win. and
  • The number of points that you will lose if you get defeated.

That’s it!  =)

Now that you know the basics, the next thing you need to do is earn enough so you will be able to buy food/energy and weapons.  Once you have enough money – participate in the arena.

Experiencing how to fight in the arena is the only way you can really learn how it works.  It will give you ideas on what to do on your next fight.

Note:  I am also sharing this “How to” guide thru my articles via my newspaper company in Market Glory (sold in international market).  If  you have concerns regarding this topic, feel free to message me at Market Glory – my username is “Nikolaii”.

Happy Gaming! ^_^

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