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How to get higher fight bonuses in Market Glory

As I have mentioned in one of my  previous posts,  energy plays a very important role in Market Glory.

  • Energy is an important factor in calculating your productivity;
  • Your attack and defense points are influenced by your energy;
  • Earnings from your referrals depend on their energy;  and
  • Your fight bonus is highly affected by your energy levels.

Again, here’s how to compute for your fight bonus:

Your energy = 7
Fight Bonus = 10

.07×10 = 0.70

( .70 is your fight bonus – given in your local currency.)


Above is an actual example of what I’ve earned from fighting the trainer using two options.  See the difference?

1st Option >> No Investment:

I only earn P0.65 (net after MG taxes) after 10 fights when I didn’t buy food to increase my energy before the fights.

2nd Option >> With Investment:

I earned a total of  P5.943 (net after MG taxes) after 10 fights – I bought 10 articles, 1 HQ milk and 1HQ cuisine (worth only P3.10) before the fight.

I earned over P2.00 more for investing in energy.  ^_^

Moreover,  If you’re just starting in Market Glory and doesn’t need high energy to go to work – you will still have energy left enough for you to go to work. =)

That’s it!

Always remember >>  the only way to really learn the game is to actually play it.  Be active, explore game options, ask around, and subscribe to my blog ^_^ for the latest tips and tricks on Market Glory and other game-related income opportunities.

Happy Gaming Guys!

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