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Category Archives: Golden Towns Payments

4th Payment Proof – Golden Towns (Payza)

goldentowns 4th payment proof via payza

This is my latest payment (4th) from Golden Towns game. Unfortunately, as of late November 2014, the Paypal withdrawal option was removed (Paypal’s decision). So to accommodate the players, Golden Towns’ admin offered additional ways to withdraw.

Some options have additional fees so if you want to save on fees, better stick to the following options >> Payza, Neteller, EgoPay, OKPay, and thru cryptocoins (bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin…). I chose Payza but next time I will try to withdraw in Bitcoins.

My 4th Earnings Withdrawal from Golden Towns via Payza (credited within 24 hours ^_^):

goldentowns 4th payment proof via payza

The gross amount that I withdrew for this transaction was 50 Euro. 25% withdrawal free was deducted and another 1.18 Euro was deducted by Payza. I received a net amount of 36.32 Euro. ^_^

For my other game earnings – click here (see all proofs of payment).

If you’re not yet familiar with Golden Towns and would like to try the game – you can read this post HERE and learn how to get started OR just go and visit their website directly HERE.

Happy Gaming! ^_^

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