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Simple Tips to Become a Successful (Earning) Gamer

To win you’ve got to stay in the game.

~ Claude M. Bristol

Above quote from Claude Bristol is my favorite game quote ever!  It’s not only applicable to games but also to other areas of our lives.

Like when it comes to earning online – most of us wanted to earn online so we look for opportunities on the net – tried some for a while then quit when faced with temporary setbacks.

Personal experience thought me to “stay in the game”.   I got tired of hopping from one online program to another  searching for the best online income opportunity. I was also a victim of several online programs (a.k.a. scams) that promises quick results or high earnings in the most easiest and fastest way.

I’ve spent several months and hundreds of dollars in “get-rich-quick” programs only to find out that there are really no shortcuts – you need to be patient and invest time – you need to focus, and you need to focus a lot longer until you get results.

stay in the game

So do you really want to earn serious money from online games? then stay in the game! >> Learn – plan – keep on playing until you get results!

5 Simple Tips to Become Successful in Online Games


All games are slow at first because like any other MMO games – you will start as a newbie with a low “rank” and no experience yet. So be patient and keep in mind that all the successful players today started as a newbie like yourself.



Every game (no exceptions) has a documentation or guide page to explain the basics of the game. So keep your eyes open and READ!  Most of the time the answer is just a few clicks away and all you have to do is explore and read!

Socialize! I’m sure that there are players who are  willing to help other players.  You can chat with other players, communicate thru game forums or thru private messaging – ask for guidance from other veteran players.  However, please don’t depend on other people so much – learn the game and plan your game moves.  Strategize!



Maybe you are tempted to withdraw your earnings as soon as you reached 20 Euro in earnings in Market Glory OR when you’ve accumulated 2 gold in Golden Towns – just to test if both games are really paying.

DON’T!  Both are legit sites and this is already proven by may players all over the world who have uploaded their payment proof online for the past two years (and that includes me).

Instead invest your earnings to open up businesses, or to buy experience points,  or in other ways, that you think can help you develop your game status faster.  It’s time to withdraw when you have a steady flow of income.


Virtual businesses, like in Market Glory, will bring you more income especially if you strategize and plan properly.  More income in your MG businesses means REAL cash that you can withdraw via Paypal.

Once you have several established businesses, you will have a steady flow of income in the game – and again it means real money that you can withdraw.  So in effect, it’s actually like having a real online business!


The key secret to success is to HAVE FUN as this is really a fun way to pass the time and earn money especially if you like MMO games that involves strategy.

That’s it, thank you for reading my post and have a nice day! ^_^

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