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ZIDDU – Play Mini Mobile Games – Pays in Bitcoins – Low Cash Out :)

(Learn more about Bitcoins here.)

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that is not a game site. But among its features is the ability of members to earn a little extra for playing mini-games available at the site. These games can be accessed and played using any computer or device (e.g. tablet, phablet, phone, etc.) that can access the internet.

Get paid to play mini-games at Ziddu


As of this writing, July 20, 2016, Ziddu got six (6) mini-games available >> Math Plus, Easter Shooter, Katana Fruits, Duck Shooter, Ultimate Swish and my favorite, Bubble Shooter. :)

Math Plus & Easter Shooter

Duck Shooter & Katana

Ultimate Swish & Bubble Shooter – How to Start?

1. Register a free account at Click here to join as my referral or here to register directly.  (Note: No deductions from your earnings even if you join via referral link).

2. You will receive an email notification after you register. Login to your email account, open Ziddu’s email and click the “Verify your email” link.

Verify Your Email

3. Login to your Ziddu account then click on the games link and play the game of your choice.


How to Earn at Ziddu?

You need to accumulate points to earn.  A welcome bonus equivalent to 100 points will be automatically added to your account after you register and verify your email.

100 Bonus Points For Joining.

One (1) point is equivalent to US$0.001 and you need to accumulate 2000 points before you can cash out.  2000 points is equivalent to US$2.00 and you will get that worth in Bitcoins.  Payment is being released on or before the 10th of every month.

I tried one of the games, Bubble Shooter, and I was able to earn four (4) points after just one short game. I already accumulated twenty (20) points after just a few minutes of playing. :)

Earn Points by Playing Mini-Games

Note: By default Ziddu will provide you with a Bitcoin or BTC Wallet.  You can view/get your Ziddu BTC wallet address by clicking on the “Wallet” link.

Ziddu BTC Wallet



Ziddu is primarily a file hosting service provider that started doing business in 2007.  It is totally free to use Ziddu (100% free), they don’t even offer alternative premium or paid memberships.

You can use Ziddu to temporarily store and share your files with your friends.  You even get paid for every friend download.  Ziddu may delete your file if it does not attract any downloads in ninety (90) days.  There is a maximum file size of 500mb limit per upload.  You can upload unlimited number of files – any audio, video or document files not exceeding 500mb.


Four (4) Ways to Earn at Ziddu


1. If you have your own content, then upload your files into Ziddu and by sharing those links with your friends or users via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or Forums and in bookmarking sites like Digg or Reddit or anywhere! You will be paid if the other users download or view your content.

2. Download the *Ziddu App and earn more!!

3. Play Ziddu games and update your points.

4. Refer your friends and make them earn a minimum of 2000 points each. Then you get 500 points for each referral  (Note: 500 points is not deducted from your friend but given to you by Ziddu as a bonus).
Ziddu will not disclose how much it pays to a unique download or a unique news page view. It’s all depends on various factors like demography, device, frequency etc.

*Ziddu App – is an application that stays on your computer.  Ziddu App uses your idle computing power and show advertisements in it. Based on the time you stay on that App, you get paid.

Earn Extra For Downloading/Installing App

So are you now interested to join Ziddu? :)

Just like before, here’s a list/summary of Pros and Cons to help you decide…


  • User-friendly system.
  • Six (6) fun mini-games to play.
  • Free to play, no money investment required – risk-free.
  • Has been paying since 2007.
  • Play it anywhere as long as you have internet access.
  • Earn extra money for playing during your free time.
  • Earn more for using their app and for sharing your files or content.
  • With a referral program – refer friends to earn more.


  • This is not a site where you can earn full time income – only recommended to those who enjoy playing mini-games and would like to earn extra during their free time.


Are you ready to play?

Click here to join

(Note: Above is my referral link, click here to register directly.)


Happy Gaming! ^_^

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