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Category Archives: How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Golden Towns

How to Withdraw Your Earnings From Golden Towns Game

This post is about how you can withdraw your earnings from Golden Towns game.  But first let me tell you a few things regarding financial matters in Golden Towns (just in case you’re not familiar with the game yet).

Gold is the medium of transaction in Golden Towns.  You can earn gold thru mining, selling of resources, selling of workers, selling of referrals, trading of shares (town shares, country bonds, or game shares),  etc.  You buy/sell everything using gold.

Now, to withdraw your earnings as real cash – you have to convert your gold into Euro first.  Here’s how…

How to convert your gold to Euro:

Step #1.  Click on the “Gold” link found at the upper right area of your screen.


Step #2.  Then click on “Trade”.

Gold Trade

Step #3.  Type the amount of Euro in the box provided and click the green “Buy Euro” button.

Buy Veuro

Step #4.  Refresh your page and check your Euro balance in the Menu Box found at the left side of your screen.

Check Euro Balance

 Note: There is a .01 Euro transaction fee.  So if you bought 1 Euro, only .99 Euro will be credited to your account.


How to Withdraw Your Earnings (via Paypal):

Step #1.  You need to have at least 5 Euros in earnings before you can make a withdrawal request.  So the first step is to check and make sure that you have at least 5 Euro in your balance (Your balance is found inside the menu box – see above screenshot).

Step #2.  Click on the yellow “Withdraw” button found inside the menu box.

Withdraw Euro

Step #3.  Several withdrawal options will appear.  Options include >> Neteller, Payza, Paypal and Bitcoin.  (Example here is via Paypal). Click on the red “Paypal” button.

goldentowns withdraw options

Step #4.  Type your Paypal email address and the amount you’re going to withdraw in the boxes provided. Then click on the green “Confirm” button.

Note: You can only withdraw in whole numbers (ex. 5, 8, 10).  You cannot withdraw amount with Euro cents (ex. 5.25, 8.75, 10.50)

Withdraw via Paypal

After clicking the “confirm” button,  the amount requested will be deducted from your Euro balance and a confirmation message, like the one below, will appear on your screen:

Withdrawal in process

That’s it!  You will get your Euro earnings from Golden Towns within the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your visit and have a nice day!

View some of my payment proof/earnings from online games here.

If you’re not yet familiar with Golden Towns and would like to try the game  – you can read this post HERE and learn how to get started  OR just go and visit their website directly HERE.

Happy Gaming! ^_^

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