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Category Archives: Golden Towns Game Bugs (Auto-fix)

Fix game bugs in Golden Towns Yourself Using Auto-Fix

Golden Towns has been online for more or less 1 year now but it is considered under “beta” so several game bugs/errors are still being encountered by players almost everyday.


Common games bugs include missing workers, stuck buildings (cannot upgrade/demolish/etc.), houses suddenly turn to ruins, etc.

A few months ago (sorry I was not able to share this immediately ), Golden Towns game programmers have developed an “auto-fix” patch so you can fix the game bugs yourself without the need of reporting it to the admins.

How to fix game bugs using the “auto-fix”:

1. Visit the link below:

2. You will be redirected to a page where you can submit your GT username.  All you have to do is type in your username in the box provided and click submit.

3. Wait for a notification showing the no. of errors fixed.  It will only take a few seconds.

4.  That’s it, you’re done! Login to your Golden Towns account and see the changes.  (If  you’re already logged-in, just refresh your browser and check if the errors are gone.)

Note: Sometimes the auto-fix will not detect the errors right away, usually like in the case of missing workers (i.e. workers that you just completed hiring at the city hall).  If this is the case – just return to the auto-fix page after a few hours and submit your username again.

If game errors persist then the best thing to do is visit GT’s game forum HERE, register (if you’re not yet a member of the forum), and report the game errors under the forum category “BUGS”.

Also, don’t forget to mention your username so they can check it right away.  Forum moderators will ignore your post if you do not mention your username OR if you did not post in the right category.

That’s it for now, hope this post helps. Happy gaming! ^_^

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