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How to Start Playing Goal Tycoon


But first a little info about Goal Tycoon. ^_^

Goal Tycoon is an online football strategy game brought to you by the makers of the Market Glory (MG) game – SC Eurosoft SYSTEM (or ESS).  It was launched last December 14, 2013 but the championship games only started in February 2014.

At Goal Tycoon,  your role is not only to manage a football team but also to manage an entire football park which includes the training facility, the hotel, hospital, restaurant, parking lot, stadium, etc.

You can earn virtual money from ticket sales (when the game is played in your football field) and from game bonuses (given when your team wins a game).

All your virtual earnings here can be converted to Euro and withdrawn via Paypal as soon as you have more than € 20 (just like in Market Glory).

Okay that’s it, let’s now proceed to our main topic…

How to Start Playing Goal Tycoon

Step #1.  Register an account at Goal Tycoon here.


if you already have a Market Glory account >> Log in to your MG account and click on the link “Go to Goal Tycoon” found at the upper right corner of your MG account page.


Note:  No need to register if you already have a Market Glory account because all MG players are automatically given a Goal Tycoon account (and vice versa).

Step #2.  Name your team & create logo/uniform.

Name your team.  You can only do this once so be careful in choosing a name for your team as you cannot change this later on.

Next (this is optional) >> Personalize your uniform and team logo.  Place your mouse on the “Team” icon found at the center of your screen.  Click on the “Club Logo” to customize your logo or click on the “Equipment” to customize your shirt/jersey design.

Step #3.  Go to “Tactics” and change game formation.

Place your mouse again on the “Team” icon but this time click on the “Tactics”  link (game “strategizing” starts now ^_^).

Default game formation is 4-2-2.   Now, to increase team scoring and depending on the type of players that you have (ex. center forwards, defensive midfielders, etc.), you can either:

  • Keep your existing game formation.  If most of the slots can be filled up with the right type of players, OR
  • Change the formation so that most (if not all) slots on the game formation will be occupied by the right type of players.

Example (my game formation):

gameformationtactics The number inside the circle found on each player indicates the compatibility of the type of player and the game formation’s slot that he is assigned to.  The higher the number – the higher your team scoring points will be and hence the more chances of winning the game.

In above screenshot, Player 19 got 100 because the player is a goal keeper and the position that he is occupying is for a “goal keeper”. While player 16 only got 75 because he is a “sweeper” and the position he is occupying is intended for a “center back” or CB.  My CB got injured and I have no other CB left so instead I assigned a sweeper.

Note:  To change players’ position – just “drag and drop” to your preferred slots using your mouse. To learn more about game formations click on the “Tactic Info” link found on the upper right area of your screen.


There are 14 game formations available for you to choose from.  Explore all and see where you can get the most scoring points out of your available players.


Step # 4.  Explore the game site.

Take time to explore the game’s features while waiting for the league games to start.  You need to learn more about this game so you can strategize or create a game plan.

You can visit and ask around the forum, use the chat option to meet other players and/or visit the documentation pages here to learn more about the game.

Step # 5.  Play Market Glory too (optional).

To visit MarketGlory, click on the logo (see above screenshot) found at the upper right corner of your screen.

 Again this is optional but highly recommended.  :)

Playing Market Glory is much easier than starting to play Goal Tycoon (at least in my experience). The two games are inter-linked.  You can transfer Euro funds from Market Glory to Goal Tycoon and vice versa.  You can also open up companies in Market Glory that will cater to the needs of Goal Tycoon players.

I believe that playing both games simultaneously will help you maximize your earnings from both games. Click here to learn how to start playing Market Glory.

That’s it!  I’ll try and post more Goal Tycoon guides soon. Happy Gaming! ^_^

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